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Baltica Natural is currently showcasing Arcusbeds, a new line of hypoallergenic and flame-retardant mattresses for adults and children, handmade of the highest-quality materials such as organic cotton, organic wool, horsehair, coconut coir and alpaca. Made in the Baltic States, these products meet the very stringent European Union certification standards for safety, durability, and natural and organic content.

We can arrange for the production and supply of special-order and private-label natural and organic bedding for a variety of clients, such as spas and retailers of luxury furnishings. 


Baltica Natural sources a variety of food products--focusing on dairy and meat--from the finest producers in the Baltic States, a region of the European Union that has an ideal climate for the production of high-quality milk and related products from non-GMO cattle that are primarily grass-fed.

We can offer our international customers evaporated and powdered milk, whey and curd, casein, lactose-free cheese and butter, as well as a number of cured and air-dried beef products such as high-protein, top-grade beef snacks.

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